to Assemble a Distinct Portfolio of Assets We Invest in Gold and Copper Projects

A Strategic, Collaborative Privately-Held Mining Investment Company

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DNA Gold Corp. (“DNA” Gold or “DGC”) is a Canadian-based, privately-held, federally incorporated company domiciled in Toronto, Ontario.

DNA Gold’s experienced management team collectively has over a century of expertise in the mining industry.

Through our DGC Fund I Private Limited Partnership (“DGC Fund I PLP”), we take pride in investing in mining companies in near-term production and in those projects with a mine life of 10 years or less which are typically ignored by the street due to a perceived lack of resource potential.

Our company finances and supports investments in gold and copper mining projects by directly acquiring shares, providing flexible investment solutions, and consultative sector expertise to help drive greater value and bring mining projects to fruition. We invest thoughtfully across the mining ecosystem to take responsible advantage of market-responsive demand in ways that respect the environment and communities on which the mining opportunities depend.

DNA Gold and its subsidiaries also directly manage precious and base metal finds in highly selective locations in North America and South America, providing financing, strategy, and oversight while working through joint ventures (JVs) and with long-time trusted partners to best advance the mining requirements of uniquely sourced projects.

Our primary business models include:

      • Direct Investments
      • Joint Ventures
      • Asset Purchase

DNA Gold’s success derives from the conduct of our own stringent due diligence practices to ensure target assets meet/exceed our investment criteria.

You can learn more about our DGC Fund I Private Limited Partnership by clicking here

Direct Investments

We carefully assess investment opportunities to deploy our funds to mining companies in near-term production and to those projects with a mine life of 10 years or less where the market fails to recognize its future growth potential.

Joint Ventures

We entertain joint ventures in significant and unique advanced-stage mining assets in mining-friendly jurisdictions where management has experienced previous success.

Asset Purchase

We assess highly selected mining assets for purchase and lead exploration, reporting, public listing and mining stages working with an ecosystem of trusted industry partners.

Due Diligence

We pride ourselves on our due diligence process. We have a strong technical group, a firm background in various aspects of the mining industry, and significant financing experience. We conduct our own due diligence to ensure the target assets meet our strict and comprehensive investment criteria from identification and proprietary database-driven preliminary analysis through to full screening of the investment including feet on the ground and commissioned technical reports.


Our Core Objectives

Our Target Projects

We invest in, partner with, and support peer companies by acquiring or earning into advanced-staged mining projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions. We principally strive to find value-driven mining projects to enter into investment-led relationships where respect for the environment and social advancement prevails.

Delivering Long-Term Value
in the Mining Industry

Our investment effort spans the mining value chain and encompasses a wide range of strategies and mining-friendly jurisdictions.