From its founding in 2009 with a focus on consultative and supportive services in the mining sector, DNA Gold has expanded to deliver customized financial solutions to diverse base and precious metals mining projects with a focus on gold and copper. Projects of interest include those at near-term production and later-stage investments including those with 10 years or less of existing and defined mine life. DNA Gold also considers the acquisition of mining assets to act as principal as well as joint ventures in mining-friendly jurisdictions. Current activities are focused in North America and South America where DNA Gold and its subsidiaries have local teams that are fluent in the local language, understand the local culture and heritage, and maintain established relationships and engagement protocols. The DNA Gold team also emphasizes diversity and inclusion-focused hiring from within the mining jurisdiction communities served.

As a mining alternative investment firm with service provider capabilities, we partner with mining entities, investors, and other stakeholders to build innovative, sustainable, and ultimately successful mining businesses striving to produce superior returns for all.

Our strong partner ecosystem and established local connections are vital components of our strategy, including on the investment side. We have dedicated programs for co-investment and we have the right network, skills, and resources to bring a broad range of applicable investors to the table, introduce your portfolio and help drive a “brand awareness” program of mutual success.

Primary Business Models
DNA Gold follows four main business practices in assessing, financing, and acquiring mining companies:


We lend funds to mining companies in near-term production and to those projects with a mine life of 10 years or less.

Joint Ventures
We entertain joint ventures by participating in unique mining projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions.

Asset Purchase

When appropriate, we assess highly selected mining assets for purchase to determine their long-term viability in keeping with our strict due diligence process and investment criteria.

Due Diligence
Before entering into a lending, joint venture, or asset purchase agreement, we conduct our own due diligence to ensure the target assets meet our strict and comprehensive investment criteria.