DNA Gold Corp. (DNA Gold) is a Canadian-based, federally incorporated, privately-held company, domiciled in Toronto. We invest in select gold and copper projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions where we have attained previous success.

Through our DGC Fund I Private Limited Partnership (“DGC Fund I PLP”), we take pride in investing in mining companies in near-term production and in those projects with a mine life of 10 years or less which are typically ignored by the street due to a perceived lack of resource potential.

Our company finances and supports investments in gold and copper mining projects by directly acquiring shares, providing flexible investment solutions, and consultative sector expertise to help drive greater value and bring mining projects to fruition. We invest thoughtfully across the mining ecosystem to take responsible advantage of market-responsive demand in ways that respect the environment and communities on which the mining opportunities depend.

Our focus is squarely placed on dominant gold and copper projects. Our belief is that by investing in both metals we can achieve a balanced approach to address the demand for safety in gold and the upside to come in copper consumption. In terms of the funds to be deployed, the amount is to be determined by the investments we choose. We abide by a medium to long-term investment outlook at all times adhering to the view that patient investment produces viable returns.

We conduct ESG due diligence by vetting companies for the ways they account for environmental, social, and governance risks in their organizations or within their portfolio of mining projects.

We Stand for Responsible ESG Practices

DNA Gold is committed to the responsible development of metals projects with our investments in jurisdictions that meet our benchmark Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies.

DNA Gold believes that to be successful, mining projects must consider ESG early in a project’s development. While DNA Gold does not have operating jurisdiction over the activities of our property owners, through the due diligence process of our investments we choose projects that align with our selected ESG benchmarks. We look forward to supporting our project partners in their environmental and social initiatives in their communities.

DNA Gold’s investment policies consider global and regional ESG principles and are aligned with SASB, UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the International Council on Mining and Metals Principles, the Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative, Responsible Gold Mining Principles, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Global Industry Standard on Tailings.

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